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science discovery impact-05.png
science discovery impact-05.png

Shen Ning

Mehdi Jorfi

A Window Into Science For the World.

In the U.S. and in wealthy western countries, scientists and students can access the latest papers with a few easy clicks but it’s not nearly that easy for scientists in the developing world.
Mehdi Jorfi faced this reality first-hand while growing up in Iran and attending university where resources from top journals were scarce. In fact, the only resources available were outdated papers that littered dark spaces of the library.
Along with studying the human brain and dementia, Mehdi Jorfi, PhD made it his mission to increase accessibility in science. In 2019, together with co-founder Shen Ning, MD/PhD, he launched Science Rehashed Inc. with a mission to increase accessibility to science through reviewing and expounding upon forefront life science research discoveries.
Based in Boston, one of the world’s most fertile biomedical hubs, the three-series podcast offers a window onto paywalled life science research to anyone in the world with an internet connection. 

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